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PRO-NATURE is Nature Conservation NGO and Ecosystem Service & Management Company.


Based upon process-controlled remote sensing technologies (satellites, drones and high tech meassurement divices) we manage our climate protection & biodiversity projects holistically, in compliance with a certified catalog of sustainability criteria.


Our regional and extensively documented nature conservation projects are subject to strict ESG standards ('Environmental Social Governance' ).


We guarantee maximum transparency with regard to localization, classification, evaluation and quality assurance of the project areas.


However, the most important part of our nature conservation work is based on the necessary, manual 'field work' on site.


Our motivation

Humanity has caused unprecedented destruction of nature in just 50 years. We must not look away and wait for it to be too late. Rather, we must try to limit the dramatic consequences of the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity and, if possible, reverse the process.

That's why we encourage companies, organizations and individuals to invest a portion of their annual profits and capital gains in

  • 'Natural Capital Shares'

  • 'Biodiversity Certificates' and

  • 'Carbon Credits'

to invest in order to contribute to the regeneration or at least to the stabilization of natural resources and ecosystemsn and sich in the success of our nsustainablenclimate protection- & biodiversity projectsto contribute.


Because our health, our social well-being, but also our economic prosperity are directly dependent on sufficient reserves of planetary resources. So far, nature has made this available to us free of charge and thus secured our economic prosperity.

Our team

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