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We transform

financial capital

in natural capital        

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ESG-compliant, based on a catalog of ecological and social criteria, we issue

PRO-NATUR 'Natural Capital Shares'

and thus support companies in the implementation of their sustainability strategies.

With the proceeds from these accountable profit participation cerificates, companies invest exclusively in regional, transparently documented biodiversity projects.


Intensive agriculture is one of the main causes of the global biodiversity and climate crisis. Therefore, we have founded an 'Environmental Social Governance' (ESG) platform, with which we conect low-yield, socially disadvantaged farms with companies that want to engage themselves in regional natural reserve projects on the way to BIODIV+ sustainability and climate neutrality.

For detailed information on the process flow, investments as well as the possibilities to integrate 'Natural Capital Shares' into your company-specific sustainability strategy, contact us:

Martin Gruböck

Tel.  +43-650-3818527


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