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With all natural capital certificates & participation certificates issued by PRO-NATUR, we support companies, banks, investors, non-profit organizations as well as private individuals in the realization of their sustainability strategies.


By investing in natural capital you are contributing to preserve local biodiversity and to stabilize the global climate.

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Certified according to international standardsPRO-NATURE 'Carbon Credits'

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      issued ESG-compliant, based on a catalog of ecological and social criteriaPRO-NATUR 'Natural Capital Shares' 

PN Biodiversitäts-Zertifikate grün.png

climate protection&Biodiversity combined certificate to reduce your personal carbon footprint


The voluntary Carbon-Offset is an important step in reducing your company's environmental impact, improving the sustainability of your business and thus making an important contribution to climate protection.


By investing in PRO-NATUR natural capital participation certificates and carbon credits give the company's own sustainability strategy more weight and thus set an example for a sustainable future.

Through the protection and the promotion of native wildflower meadows and flower strips, you actively contribute to preserving and strengthening biodiversity in your area.


By investing in PRO-NATUR 'Natural Capital Shares', 'Carbon Credits' or 'Biodiversity Certificates' you give more weight to your own environmental responsibility but also to the company's own sustainability strategy and thus set an idividual sign for a safe future worth living.

At the same time you participate in the positive effects of local biodiversity, which garantees both, economic prosperity and social well-being.

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