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  • What is yours for  sponsorship  used?
    1 EURO per month secures 10 m² of stage space per year! Depending on the location and the soil conditions of the flowering area, around 35 cents are needed per euro for the biodiversified, domestic seed. The farmer receives about 10-15 cents depending on the topography of the terrain and the intensity of work. The use of animal-friendly mowers and mowing techniques costs around 10 cents. Another 20 cents flow into the development of additional areas, projects, products and measures as well as the establishment and expansion of the platform. In addition, the costs for administration, taxes and our own work must be covered.
  • How long does my sponsorship last?
    In principle, your sponsorship payment is made by monthly direct debit. This will continue until you contact us or your bank and request that it be stopped.
  • Where and how can I find the PRO-NATUR flowering areas?
    Our flowering areas are located at various locations in Lower Austria. You can read here exactly where these areas are located and what they look like in real life. (areas)
  • How long will the flowering areas remain?
    Our work is geared towards the long term. Each square meter of Blühpaten is contracted for a management period of 3-5 years. Of course, the contract should then be extended by another 3-5 years. Accordingly, we look forward to long-term sponsorships.
  • How can I participate?
    You can support us in different ways. Under the navigation point SPONSORSHIPS you will find various flower sponsorships in different sizes. The minimum support is EUR 5.00 per month for 50 square meters of flowering area. If you want to support us privately, as a company, foundation or other institution, or if you want to get actively involved with PRO-NATUR, please contact us via Contact form or with a personal call.
  • Your question is not included?
    Then please send us your question using our contact form.
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